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    You Voted—Now What?

    Flippable began two years ago with the goal of flipping states blue in order to build a better democracy. In 2018, our community of 100K donors and volunteers stepped up and helped flip dozens of state legislative seats—and Democrats won control of 7 new state chambers. Combined with 7 new Democratic governors, we’ve shifted the balance of power in the states.

    But our work isn’t done: we have recounts to win, progressive policies to pass, and more seats to fight for in the months and year ahead! Here’s a cheat sheet on what’s next—and how you can help turn election day victories into lasting progressive change.

    Recounts and run-offs

    November–December 2018

    As of November 8, several of our candidates’ districts still haven’t called their elections. With razor-thin margins across the country, mail-in ballots that have yet to be counted, and voting machine malfunctions, we may not know the results of 2018 for weeks.

    Decorative iconWhat you can do

    Follow us on Twitter to get the latest on tight races—and tell your state’s election officials that every vote must be counted.

    Beware the lame duck

    November 2018–January 2019

    Our current state governments will be in lame-duck sessions through January. This means they can still pass conservative legislation or limit the powers of the incoming class of legislators.

    In 2016, North Carolina’s GOP-controlled government called a special lame-duck session to strip the incoming Democratic governor of key responsibilities. Wisconsin's GOP Assembly Speaker is already threatening to take power away from the Democratic governor-elect. This could also happen in Michigan, and Kansas, where we just won governor’s seats. If these states call special sessions, trouble may be brewing.

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    Sign up to receive updates on legislative activity in the states.

    Beware the lame duck

    Illustration from Politico.

    Take it to the states

    January 2019

    In 2019, all state legislatures will be in session, which only happens every two years! This is when state laws—the policies that have the most direct impact on many people’s lives—get passed.

    We just flipped 6 state chambers from red to blue. Now we can put pressure on these state governments, from New Hampshire to Minnesota to Colorado, to pass legislation on reproductive rights, gun reform, and environmental protections—and more.

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    Reach out to your state representative and state senator to set up a meeting and let them know what matters to you.

    Virginia House of Delegates in session

    Protect voting rights

    January–June 2019

    In 2018, GOP-controlled states took drastic action to discourage voting. From Georgia to North Dakota, state governments have made it harder to register and vote in ways that disproportionately affect people of color.

    To make sure our elections are fair, we must pass proactive, pro-democracy legislation. 38 states still don’t have automatic voter registration. 34 states require photo ID. 13 states don’t have early voting. These policies will have a direct impact on the 2020 elections.

    Decorative iconWhat you can do

    Stay up to date with efforts to expand or restrict voting access with the Brennan Center, Daily Kos’s Voting Rights Roundup, and Flippable!

    Voters waiting in line to vote

    Flip more seats!

    January–November 2019

    There’s no such thing as an off year in American politics. Different states have elections every year—so we need to keep up the momentum and continue to support state candidates.

    Every seat in the Virginia House of Delegates and State Senate will be up for election in 2019, and each chamber is only one seat away from flipping blue. New Jersey, Mississippi, and Louisiana will also have state legislative elections in November. And we’ll have dozens of special elections throughout the year.

    Decorative iconWhat you can do

    Donate to the Flippable Fund, which will support game-changing candidates across the country in 2019 and beyond.